Video of bats flying around a Kansas City Attic

Yikes! This seems to be right out of a horror movie. But don’t worry, we have some good news for you (and also some bad news)!

We don’t just safely and humanely remove bats — we have a biologist on staff and we care about the wildlife in our community. Learning about animals is a part of the job for us.

The good news here is that this is not typical behavior for bats. Bats are nocturnal, and most of the time when you come across a bat, it will be quietly roosting. As far as your attic is concerned, when bats get into your attic they primarily are looking for a place to roost. Flying is something they do at night to hunt bugs – and there generally aren’t bugs in your attic. If bats are in your attic they will generally fly out at sunset to feed and fly back in before dawn.

The bad news is that sometimes a bat will be sick or confused, or will get lost trying to leave the attic — this is how you can end up with a bat flying around your home.

More bad news with bats in your attic is that, even if they are quietly roosting, unfortunately, they are not safe for your home. Roosting bats cause a urine and guano (feces) mess, and not only is bat guano a health hazard, but the weight of the urine and guano can add up (especially when it soaks into your attic insulation) and cause significant damage.

Read more about our bat removal services. and contact us if you have a bat problem, or suspect you may have bats (the sooner the problem is caught, the less likely you will have to replace all of the insulation in your attic: while it’s expensive to do so, our rates are often 30% less than what others charge).