Quality Repair Work following Pest and Animal Services

Something that sets us apart from other pest and animal control services is that we provide repair services – which saves you the hassle of having to find a contractor to handle various repairs.

Let’s face it: most pests or animals access a building through an already-existing opening or by causing damage. The majority of the time when our treatment or removal service is complete you will need some type of repairs to not only secure your building, but restore it to its original condition. Not only are we fully licensed and insured to provide repairs to your home or commercial property, but we have extensive experience with the types of repairs associated with pest and animal access. Chimney caps and crowns? Soffit and fascia problems? Bad dryer vent? Damaged siding? Been there and done that hundreds of times over the decades since we began in the 1980s. We know what works and are proud of the work we do.

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If you have a wildlife or pest problem, contact us by filling out the form on the contact page or call us at (816) 769-3106 today!

“As a property manager I have worked with Catch-It Wildlife for many years throughout my career. Very knowledgeable and responsive staff. I learned so much about pests and the best course of action for treatment. I highly recommend this team for pest control!”

North Oak Crossing Manager

“I needed a squirrel removed from one of my properties fairly quickly. I called another company and they quoted me a week or so out. Catch-it came later that same day and removed not one, but 2 squirrels. Would totally recommend and am about to schedule them again for another property :)”

Veronica Lee

"I called three other companies, but none were responsive. I called Catch-It and spoke with Wade. They showed up when they said they would and kept their word on each follow-up visit. They were very professional and knowledgeable. I highly recommend Catch-It Wildlife and Pest Control.”

Jeremy Willwin

“Company is responsive and was able to schedule a couple days out for an urgent request (other companies I called were looking at 2-3 weeks out). Professional who put my mind at ease and set traps. Hoping I don't have another wildlife situation in the house again, but if I do would definitely recommend Catch-It!”

Lynn McRoberts


Leavenworth: repairing a damaged chimney crown | Click to Expand

Here's a bat removal job that we handled in Leavenworth, Kansas. The call came in the spring and when we arrived to inspect the home the bats already had pups (babies). We quickly found the access point: a damaged chimney crown. The bats were using this to access a heater vent and then getting down into the the homeowner's basement - which brings up an interesting point: bats don't always get into attics, it is not uncommon for them to suddenly appear in other parts of a home.

Bats are an important part of our local ecology and are protected by law. We needed to find a way to protect the bats and their pups until the pups were mature and able to live on their own - but at the same time it's not really acceptable to have bats flying around this dear lady's basement.

We installed a mesh screen in the basement so that the bats were contained to a small area and would not be flying around. A few months later the pups had matured and we installed one-way doors so that the bats could exit, but not re-enter, the home.

Next we repaired the damaged chimney crown. This is an important part of what sets us apart from other bat control companies: we not only do repair work, but we do quality repair work. With other companies you often have to hire a contractor to handle repairs.

The photo shows the repaired chimney crown. Later, we also installed a chimney cap, and it's too bad we forgot to get a photo of the final chimney!

Kansas City: dryer vent repair - European Starlings | Click to Expand

This is a common problem we see in the spring and summer months. European Starlings are cavity nesters and will frequently nest in any available crack, crevice, or hole they can find. Dryer vents are a common target. This dryer vent was missing the outer cover -- which made it VERY attractive to starlings.

We cleaned the dryer tube to carefully remove all nesting material from within and then installed a bird-proof dryer vent to prevent any future problems.

Kansas City: soffit repair - raccoons | Click to Expand

This call came in from Kansas City, Missouri. Raccoons had gotten into the soffit and attic areas of the home. We started by removing the raccoons, and then installed some mesh to temporarily seal the damaged soffit.

One of the advantages to working with us is our flexibility. In this case, the homeowner's sons were going to handle repairing the soffit so that the raccoons would not reenter the attic. We don't require you to use our services for everything - we're here to help with whatever you need.

Over time, though, the family ended up not having the time or technical expertise to repair the soffit. The customer called us again to ask if we were still willing to repair the soffit. Absolutely.

It didn't take us long to repair the soffit (we've done this type of work many times before). We removed the old water damaged soffit and fascia boards and replaced everything with new so that the homeowner would not have to worry about the raccoons reentering her home.

Lawrence: bats in attic louvered vent repair | Click to Expand

This call was from Lawrence, Kansas. The homeowners had bats in their attic. We found the bats not only in the attic but roosting in the louvered attic vents under the eaves.

Once we had ensured the bats were safely out of the attic we began the repair process so that the bats could not regain access to the attic. Most typical louvered attic gable vents have a screen on the inside - which, unfortunately, would still have allowed the bats to roost inside the vents. While some companies might have felt this was acceptable as the bats, technically, weren't all the way inside the attic -- that's not how we operate. A quality job required the bats to not only be out of the attic, but also out of the louvered vents (if the bats were allowed to remain in the louvered vents their droppings would have continued to accumulate below the vents, in this case on the siding, window, and driveway).

This is why we installed a screen mesh on the outside of the vents. When you look at the photos you can see the mesh, but from the driveway or ground level the mesh isn't noticeable - and it completely solves the problem of bats in the attic.

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