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Commercial Pest Control

We use state of the art tools and methods to get rid pests in your Kansas City Metro Area property for good.

Commercial Services Currently Available:

  • Monthly – Bi-Monthly – Quarterly – Annual Service and Protection Plans
  • Pest Evaluations and Inspections – Reports on Conducive Conditions
  • Gel Baits – Monitoring – Trapping – Rodent Bait Stations (Tamper Resistant)
  • Customized programs that will fit any individual need
  • Pro Active Treatments for Many Pests – Ants – Roaches – Flies – Bees – Mice – Rats
  • Truck-Mounted Spray Equipment For Exterior Perimeter Protection
    Wildlife Services


We offer commercial pest management solutions to:


Whether your business is large or small, your property provides unique opportunities for pests to live and breed. Our dedicated commercial technicians are trained and equipped to handle any type of commercial pest problem. Catch-It Wildlife & Pest Control in the Kansas City Metro Area can design a customized program to fit the special needs of your facility.



If the bugs come back, Catch-It Wildlife & Pest Control will to with no additional cost to you.

How can you get in touch with Catch-It Wildlife?

If you have a wildlife or pest problem, contact us by filling out the form on the contact page or call us at (816) 769-3106 today!

Catch-It Wildlife provides pest controlwildlife removal, and bird control services!