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If you search the internet you’ll find many different DIY approaches to get rid of moles. It would seem like moles are easy to get rid of using bubble gum, or flooding, smoking or poisoning. We’ve been dealing with moles for over 30 years and have learned how to effectively solve mole infestations: trapping. Granted, non-trapping methods can occasionally be effective, but most homeowners would rather have us resolve their problem quickly, starting with the most effective method, rather than testing out various less-effective methods on your property to see which one works first. 

Helping You Rid Your Property of Moles

Lets face it: moles are a big problem here in the Kansas City Metro area. There is a good chance that you will eventually have them in your yard. They will dig up your yard in no time at all, leaving nothing but large dirt mounds and dead grass behind. Moles are insectivores, meaning that they only eat insects. Granted, about 10% of their diet may consist of root systems and plant tubers but the majority of their diet is high protein bugs. This consist of earthworms, centipedes, millipedes, pill bugs, grubs, ants, termites, etc. Any invertebrate within the soil is fair game. Moles have one litter a year and when the young start out on their own, usually in mid June, your yard can go downhill fast.

We know how to safely set traps, and where to set them, to fix your mole problem. We generally expect a catch within 24 hours of setting the traps.

“I've been using Steve and Catch-it for 20+ yrs for our suburban home in KC. They are top-notch, professional, effective, and all-around very good at what they do. They have helped catch and remove moles, voles, and raccoons from our yard. I would highly recommend Catch-it!"

Chris Hughes

“When we called, we actually spoke with the owner. Stephen was very knowledgeable, kind, and polite! They were very quick to come out and take care of our mole problem. We couldn't be happier! They will be our first call for any rodent/pest problem next time"

Jill Jackson

“We had mole issues. We are very pleased with the communication and professionalism we got from Catch-it. I would refer anyone with wildlife issues to these guys. The pros got us results!"

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“The folks at Catch-it are great! Used them 3 or 4 times. Recommended to me by my mother who has used them for 15 years for moles, yelllow jacket bees, moles, bats and a snake. Never know what critter we have to deal with. They are my go to company when the moles attack my yard! Thank goodness the raccoon I had in my house left peacefully with no damage. He came down the chimney on the 2nd night my chimney cap had blown off. I highly recommend Catch-it!"

Tina Carte

“We had some moles tearing up our yard and Catch It Wildlife & Pest helped clear our yard and were very responsive and helpful! 10/10 would recommend"

Jill Sirridge

“I have used twice to rid my yard of moles. Catch-It was able to remove them quickly. I recommend them"

Mike Johnson

“Had a significant mole problem in my newly seeded and landscaped backyard. Got a quick response from Catch-It Wildlife & Pest Control. Technician diagnosed problem quickly and set traps. Traps were effective catching two moles, which eliminated the problem. Would highly recommend this business for anyone experiencing mole or other issues."

Jim Pedersen

“Needed some assistance trapping moles before they destroyed my yard. Ben came out and immediately set traps; caught 1 mole within 24 hours and monitored the traps the next 2 weeks. Luckily I just had the 1 mole. Price is fair."

Sheri Finley

“I've been using Steve and Catch-it for 20+ yrs for our suburban home in KC. They are top-notch, professional, effective, and all-around very good at what they do. They have helped catch and remove moles, voles, and raccoons from our yard. I would highly recommend Catch-it!"

Matt Koch

“Moles were going crazy in our yard. Steve (the owner) came out and trapped 5 of those pesky moles. Now we're ready for spring! Catch It responded fast to my phone call and did the job!"

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Do You Need Help With Mole Control?

We Offer One-Time Service and a Yearly Plan

The first thing that may indicate a mole infestation is the large piles of dirt that have been pushed up from the moles as they dig their tunnels in your yard. This is the only animal that creates this type of damage. Sometimes people will confuse this activity will pocket gophers or voles. Gophers will have an exiting hole within the pile of dirt. Moles do not. Voles do not create mounds of dirt but they do create holes within the surface of the ground and usually you will be able to identify paths where the voles have gnawed the grass off close to the roots to form these paths within the grass.

Moles are not rodents. Therefore any poison that you get from the hardware store generally does not kill the mole. This poison usually consist of a grain bait. Moles eat only insects, making the poison ineffective. If you believe that you have moles in your yard, we can help you with our professional mole trapping program.

Why Do You Need Mole Removal?

A lot of people ask when is a good time to trap moles. Our response is that anytime is a good time to trap a mole. If left untreated, the moles will continue to dig. Moles dig 365 days a year and about 16 hours per day. They do not freeze to death in the winter, nor do they hibernate. They will continue to dig and feed all year long.

How Can Catch-It Wildlife & Pest Control Help With Mole Removal?

Our highly trained and professional Wildlife Technicians do a complete inspection of the property to identify what is causing the damage. Once confirmed that it is in fact moles, and not voles or gophers, we will set traps to remove the animals and after determining that all the animals are removed, we will remove the traps.

We also offer two programs. One is just a one time service, traps set up and then mole removal. But if someone has a large population that they have dealt with for many years we offer a yearly program.

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