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Mole Removal

Mole Removal

Pest & Wildlife Control in the Kansas City Metro Area

You may think that flooding, smoking or poisoning them out will get rid of your moles, but trapping is the most effective and efficient way to solve a mole infestation. While these non-trapping methods can occasionally be effective, at Catch-It Wildlife & Pest Control we have years of experience with mole trapping and have helped homeowners and business owners alike get rid of these pesky animals in almost every situation and circumstance possible.

Helping You Rid Your Property of Moles

Moles are a huge problem here in the Kansas City Metro area. They will dig up your yard in no time at all, leaving nothing but large dirt mounds and dead grass behind. Moles are insectivores, meaning that they only eat insects. Granted, about 10% of their diet may consist of root systems and plant tubers but the majority of their diet is of high protein bugs. This consist of earthworms, centipedes, millipedes, pill bugs, grubs, antstermites, etc. Any invertebrate within the soil is fair game. Moles have one litter a year and when the young start out on their own usually in mid June, your yard can really get a bad makeover..

Catch-It Wildlife & Pest Control knows where to set the traps on the active tunnels. We actually expect a catch within 24 hours of setting the traps.

Do you need help with mole control?

We offer one-time service and a yearly plan

The first thing that may indicate a mole infestation is the large piles of dirt that have been pushed up from the moles as they dig their tunnels in your yard. This is the only animal that creates this type of damage. Sometimes people will confuse this activity will pocket gophers or voles. Gophers will have a exiting hole within the pile of dirt. Moles do not. Moles do not create mounds of dirt but they do create holes within the surface of the ground and usually you will be able to identify paths where the voles have gnawed the grass off close to the roots to form these paths within the grass.

Moles are not rodents. Therefore any poison that you get from the hardware store generally does not kill the mole. This poison usually consist of a grain bait. Moles eat only insects, making the poison ineffective. If you believe that you have moles in your yard, Catch-It Wildlife & Pest Control can help with our professional mole trapping program.

Why do you need mole removal?

A lot of people ask when is a good time to trap moles. Our response is when you have one. If left untreated, the moles will continue to dig. Moles dig 365 days a year and about 16 hours per day. They do not freeze to death in the winter, nor do they hibernate. They will continue to dig and feed all year long.

How can Catch-It Wildlife & Pest Control help with mole removal?

Our highly trained and professional Wildlife Technicians do a complete inspection of the property to identify what is causing the damage. Once confirmed that it is in fact moles, and not voles or gophers, we will set traps to remove the animals and after determining that all the animals are removed, we will remove the traps.

We also offer two programs. One is just a one time service, traps set up and then mole removal. But if someone has a large population that they have dealt with for many years we offer a yearly program.

How can you get in touch with Catch-It Wildlife?

If you have a wildlife or pest problem, contact us by filling out the form on the contact page or call us at (816) 769-3106 today!

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