This video is NOT stock art, we recorded the video of these bats flying around a Kansas City attic before we professionally and humanely removed them.

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Missouri is home to 14 different bat species. Not all of them are here in the Kansas City area, but there are two species that are very common around Kansas City and are often the subject of our bat removal service – the Little Brown Bat and the Big Brown Bat. These are both known as ‘colony bats’, living in large groups situated in the high parts of buildings and inside chimneys. Sometimes these groups number in the hundreds or even in the thousands – depending on how long the colony has been growing. You might also find them living behind trim boards, behind shutters, inside vents or even under siding.

Bats do not care whether you own a home or a commercial property. They are such small creatures that they only need a 1/3 of an inch opening to access your attic or building! Bats love older properties that have large insect populations on the grounds. Even though bats can keep the insect population at bay, their own presence can cause just as many (if not more) problems.

Read more on this page about bats, the important role they fulfill in our local ecology, the risks of having them roost in your building, some of our local bat removal stories, and learn how we can safely, humanely, legally (bats are protected by federal law and cannot be killed), and professionally handle your bat problem for a fair price. Contact us today for a free estimate.



Lee's Summit: Bat Removal Story | Click to Expand

A homeowner in Lee’s Summit used an Unnamed National Franchise to remove bats from their attic in the summer of 2022. They received a one-year warranty. The bats were back in the summer of 2023 and when they called the Unnamed National Franchise, they were (correctly) told that bats cannot be removed during summer, and to call back in August (in the summertime bats are taking care of their young, and if the adults are locked out of the attic the babies will die for lack of care - trust us, you don't want hungry baby bats in your attic that are not being taken care of). When they called back to the Unnamed National Chain in August, they were told that their one-year warranty had just expired.

Frustrated with the Unnamed National Franchise, they called us. We found the very small hole the bats were using (top left photo) – a clue was the little specks of bat guano on the wall of the house (see photo). We installed a one-way door to seal the hole and lock the bats out. When the bats were all out of the attic we then removed the one-way door and sealed the hole. Because bat guano is a hazardous material, we inspected the attic to see if the insulation needed to be replaced – but the good news is that the homeowners caught the bat problem soon enough that the insulation was OK and did not need to be replaced.

The moral of the story here? If you do not want to hire a national franchise, contact us - local professionals who have been in business since the 1980's. We live here, we work here, and we love the Kansas City area.

Leavenworth: Bats Entering BASEMENT Through a Broken Chimney | Click to Expand

Here's a bat removal job that we handled in Leavenworth, Kansas. The call came in the spring and when we arrived to inspect the home the bats already had pups (babies). We quickly found the access point: a damaged chimney crown. The bats were using this to access a heater vent and then getting down into the the homeowner's basement - which brings up an interesting point: bats don't always get into attics, it is not uncommon for them to suddenly appear in other parts of a home.

Bats are an important part of our local ecology and are protected by law. We needed to find a way to protect the bats and their pups until the pups were mature and able to live on their own - but at the same time it's not really acceptable to have bats flying around this dear lady's basement.

We installed a mesh screen in the basement so that the bats were contained to a small area and would not be flying around. A few months later the pups had matured and we installed one-way doors so that the bats could exit, but not re-enter, the home.

Next we repaired the damaged chimney crown. This is an important part of what sets us apart from other bat control companies: we not only do repair work, but we do quality repair work. With other companies you often have to hire a contractor to handle repairs.

The photo shows the repaired chimney crown. Later, we also installed a chimney cap, and it's too bad we forgot to get a photo of the final chimney!

“I had been hearing a noise in the attic, only in the evenings. Went outside and noticed a lot of droppings on the concrete by our fireplace. Called Catch-it and spoke with the owner. He was able to determine what the droppings were from over the phone by having me put in a baggie and crumbling up. We had bats in our attic. They were getting in from a small hole under our soffit. We hired Catch-it and they came out very quickly and set up a system that allowed the bats to escape at night but they couldn't get back in. Solved our bat problem. They also sealed the entrance once all the bats were out. Would definitely hire them again if the need arises.”

Christine Abbott-Irwin

“We had a bat in our home and Wade from Catch-It-Wildlife did a thorough inspection inside and out of our house to point out other areas a bat can possibly come in. He was very knowledgeable on bats and how to both avoid and protect ourselves. I definitely would recommend this company! They were very responsive and Wade’s knowledge is very impressive!”

Pam Ward

“We discovered we had bats two days before leaving town for several days. I was able to capture the two that where flying in our basement but I needed to be sure there were no others. Leaving in two days added a lot of stress to the situation. Called Catch-it Wildlife. I had used them several years before for skunk removal. Steve came out the next day. Made sure the house was bat proof and set up an exit for any that might have been left. The exit was such that once they left, they would not be able to return. It'a been several months and we've seen no bats or signs of them since. Super response and great job done by Steve.”

Bill Araujo

“The company installed a mechanism to deter the bats from nesting. Over time the bats have been persistent. However, anytime I've called, the company has responded immediately with new attempts to completely remove the bats. These guys are the best, and I highly recommend them for any pest control needs.”

Jerry Furnell

“Bat removal. The service tech came in, unobtrusively analyzed the situation, and provided us a quote. The service was delivered without fuss. Easy enough!”

Ted Conn

“Catch-It assisted our family with some bats that were living between our tile roof and decking. They thoroughly searched the attic, built the required one-way opening, and came back to seal the roof when the season changed and the bats had exited.”

Eric Morrison

“We had several bats removed from attic. They did a great job and we haven't had any recurring issues.”

Kristin Brown

“We had a bat in the house and contacted Catch-It to come out. They came out very quickly. They were not able to find the bat when they got there, nor tell us for sure how it got in, which is understandable. After doing an inspection of our roof, they told us that we most likely had a colony of 30-40 bats in our attic. They sealed up a spot on the roof where they believed they were getting in, and attached an excluder tube on the other location. That stayed up for about 5 weeks and was then removed and the spot sealed up. We haven't had anymore in the house. We did have a misunderstanding with the bill, but they made it right and we appreciated that. We would use them again.”

Elaine Dietrich

How do bat control services work?

We are approved bat exclusion experts – our company has been approved by Bat Conservation International since 1999, the world’s leading non-profit organization dedicated to controlling the bat population.

If you have a bat colony in your building or on your property, Catch-It Wildlife & Pest Control can perform bat removal services that can permanently remove the problem. The first step involves identifying every point that the bats use or may eventually use to gain entry. Remember, bats need less than 1/2 inch of space to gain access – so our inspection is quite thorough. After we have identified these access points, we block them using a number of different materials from caulk to grates to screens.

We then install a one-way ventilation system which allows the bats to leave the area in one direction but not return. This must be done carefully so the bats do not simply find another way to get back in.

Why Remove Bats? First, Bats Carry Diseases

Although bats are beneficial to humans in many ways and Little Brown Bats and Big Brown Bats are not necessarily dangerous, they pose a health risk if proper precautions are not taken. Bats can carry diseases like rabies and bat guano (droppings) is classified as hazardous material as it can contain spores from fungal organisms that cause histoplasmosis, a potentially fatal respiratory infection.

Histoplasmosis spores can enter a person’s body through their lungs or tear ducts. This is an important reason why you should address any bat problems immediately, and do so carefully. As a professional bat exclusion service here in the Kansas City area, we at Catch-It Wildlife use specially designed equipment to ensure our technician’s safety.

Bats also often bring parasites into buildings with them such as bat bugs, which can spread quickly throughout an area.

Histoplasma capsulatum, an environmental fungus, is the most common endemic pulmonary mycosis in the USA… Infection with Histoplasma capsulatum causes significant morbidity and mortality worldwide. This fungus is a dimorphic ascomycete that grows in its hyphal form in soil and bird and bat guano.

Dr. Michael Horwath et al.

Researcher: Histoplasma capsulatum, lung infection and immunity, National Library of Medicine, Center for Biotechnology Information (US Government)

Bats Can Cause Structural Damage

Another reason that our bat removal service is quite popular is because bat colonies can cause a lot of structural and cosmetic damage to your property. Each day, a Brown Bat will expel an amount of waste equal to its own weight. Over a period of time, this guano can build up and adds significant weight to the structure, not to mention causing offensive odors and potentially spreading that nasty fungus called histoplasmosis.

After Removal Support

After we’ve removed all the bats from your property we will help protect your home from future infestations by sealing potential entry points and removing bat feces guano removal) in affected areas.

We also inspect your attic to determine whether further remediation is necessary to remove or replace hazardous/infected material.

Another benefit to calling us is that we provide quality repair services related to wildlife animal control and remediation. If repairs are needed, you don’t have to hire a repair contractor to come in and complete repairs: we can handle it!

DIY Bat Removal?

There are some do-it-yourself methods for bat removal, but be careful due to the health risks to yourself, as well as the potential harm that can be caused to the bats, because let’s not forget that the goal here is to remove bats, not kill them. Bats are protected by federal law (it is illegal to kill them) and are very helpful for insect control in the environment.

Why use Catch-It for your Bat Removal Project?
  • Removal of bats requires knowledge about their biology and habits to ensure humane treatment.
  • Proper safety gear is important to help protect against exposure to diseases such as histoplasmosis and rabies when attempting to remove bats.
  • After the bat population has been removed from your building or property, we can use our equipment to ensure that the area is properly cleaned. We use filtered masks, airtight suits, air filters and industrial vacuums to clean guano out of attics and other areas. Not only does this process clean up the guano left by a bat population, but it also cleans the remaining urine and removes any dead bats that were left behind.

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