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Bat Removal in the Kansas City Metro Area

Bat Removal in the Kansas City Metro Area

Commercial and residential bat removal and clean up services. We find the entry points and get rid of bats for good!

The Kansas City area is home to a few species of bats and we have experience dealing with all of them. Our bat removal service will ensure that the pests are gone for good. We are dedicated to your satisfaction and also ensure that the contaminated area is professionally cleaned so it is once again safe. Call us for bat removal services in the Kansas City Metro Area.

Bats Can Be a Problem In Kansas City

Missouri is home to 14 different bat species. Not all of them make their way to the Kansas City metro area, but there are two species that are very common around Kansas City and are often the subject of our bat removal service - the Little Brown Bat and the Big Brown Bat. These are both known as 'colony bats', living in large groups situated in the high parts of buildings and inside chimneys. Sometimes these groups number in the hundreds or even in the thousands - depending on how long the colony has been growing. You might also find them living behind trim boards, behind shutters, inside vents or even under siding.

It doesn't matter if you own a home or a commercial property, both are just as likely to house a bat population. They are such small creatures that they need an opening no more than a third of an inch wide to access an attic or a building. Older properties that have large insect populations are the most desirable. Even though bats can keep the insect population at bay, their own presence can cause just as many (if not more) problems.

How do bat control services work?

We are approved bat exclusion experts - our company has been approved by Bat Conservation International since 1999, the world's leading non-profit organization dedicated to controlling the bat population.

If you have a bat colony in your building or on your property, Catch-It Wildlife & Pest Control can perform bat removal services that can permanently remove the problem. The first step involves identifying every point that the bats use or may eventually use to gain entry. Remember, bats need less than 1/2 inch of space to gain access - so our inspection is quite thorough. After we have identified these access points, we block them using a number of different materials from caulk to grates to screens.

We then install a one-way ventilation system which allows the bats to leave the area in one direction but not return. This must be done carefully so the bats do not simply find another way to get back in.

Why do you need bat removal? Are bats dangerous?

The Little Brown Bat and the Big Brown Bat are known to frequently hibernate and colonize in man made structures, but the animals themselves are not particularly dangerous. However, they can be quite a nuisance by creating high pitched sounds and intimidating guests. The biggest threat from these bats comes from their droppings. Bat droppings (or guano) can produce a horrible odor, spread bacteria and attract insects.

Can bats damage my property?

Another reason that our bat removal service is quite popular is because bat colonies can cause a lot of structural and cosmetic damage to your property. Each day, a Brown Bat will expel an amount of waste equal to its own weight. Over a period of time, this guano can build up and cause offensive odors and may spread a fungus called histoplasmosis. Histoplasmosis is a fungus that commonly grows on bird and bat droppings and it can be (in certain circumstances) fatal to humans.

Histoplasmosis can enter a person's body through their lungs or their tear ducts. This is the number one reason why you should address any bat problems immediately. Bat guano can spread this fungus and other bacteria as well around Kansas City, so it is incredibly important that you do not try to clean a contaminated area yourself. A professional bat exclusion service, like Catch-It Wildlife, uses specially designed equipment to ensure our technician's safety.

More than just bat control

After the bat population has been removed from your building or property, we can use our equipment to ensure that the area is properly cleaned. We use filtered masks, airtight suits, air filters and industrial vacuums to clean guano out of attics and other areas. Not only does this process clean up the guano left by a bat population, but it also cleans the remaining urine and removes any dead bats that were left behind.

How can you get in touch with Catch-It Wildlife?

If you have a wildlife or pest problem, contact us by filling out the form on the contact page or call us at (816) 769-3106 today!

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