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Skunk Removal

Skunk Removal

Pest & Wildlife Control in the Kansas City Metro Area

What kind of Skunks are there in Kansas and Missouri?
If your main concern is how to get rid of skunks, then it's important that you understand exactly what kind of animal you're dealing with. There are two types of skunk that you might see in the Kansas City Metro Area.

The Striped Skunk is very common throughout both states - this is probably the kind of skunk that you have seen in most urban areas. They can often be spotted digging through trash or making their way across a road in a residential area.

The second type of skunk that you might see is called the Eastern Spotted Skunk. Years ago, the Eastern Spotted Skunk was seen all throughout Kansas, but in recent years the populations of this animal have decreased significantly. They are relatively uncommon in Missouri as well, mostly inhabiting open prairies. So, in either state it's unlikely that you will run into many Eastern Spotted Skunks but it IS possible.

What EXACTLY are Skunks?

Classifying what type of animal a skunk is can be difficult. They kind of resemble squirrels, but they are not rodents. If you want to get technical, they have been traditionally classified as a sub-family Mustelidae – which is the weasel family. So, skunks have long been thought to be a type of weasel.

However, the way that we classify skunks has recently changed with new genetic evidence. New evidence has actually placed the skunk in its own family of animal along with animals called Stink Badgers.

And here is where it gets really confusing… Even though skunks are now classified in the same family as the Stink Badger, don’t let that fool you into thinking that the skunk is a type of badger. The Stink Badger has a similar history as the animal used to be classified with other badgers but with recent genetic technology, researchers have been able to find that these animals share a much more recent common ancestor with skunks.

So, skunks are neither badgers nor are they weasels. They are in their own family in the animal kingdom!

How to Get Rid of Skunks?

Skunks rarely cause much property damage, but they are certainly not welcome guests. They can cause quite a mess by digging into pet food, garbage and other types of animal feed. On top of that, they can be quite intimidating to household pets and guests.

When trying to get rid of skunks, take care that there are not any areas that they might be able to take refuge in. Make sure that you seal any ground level openings so the skunks are not able to make their way into your home or outbuildings.

It is not generally recommended to use fumigants or repellents when you're trying to get rid of these animals because none are known to be effective at all.

Oftentimes, skunks will make their way into open areas under buildings. If this happens, try to seal off all openings to the area except for one. Then sprinkle some common kitchen flour around the one opening that you left. Over the next few days, check back to see if there are any tracks left in the flour. If there are, then you know that the skunk has made its way out and you should seal off the one opening that remains.

When Can Skunks Become a Problem?

Getting rid of skunks is not a simple task. First, you have to understand how the animal reacts to humans. Generally, skunks are happy to tolerate humans and won't spray unless they feel threatened. So if a skunk has made its way into your property, you have to walk a fine line to make sure that you don't threaten the animal or you risk getting a dose of spray on yourself and on your property.

Most people are not experts on how to get rid of skunks so don't feel bad if it's a job that you're not comfortable doing yourself. You can always call in the professionals to handle skunk removal for you in the Kansas City Metro Area.

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