Commercial & Residential Humane Snake Removal Services in the Kansas City Metro Area

We have over 35 years experience handling snake species (venomous and non-venomous) that are local to the the Kansas City area. We can assist with identifying snakes and safely removing them from your property.

We get calls for snakes year-round, but a common time is fall when the cold-blooded snakes are seeking warmth and find their way inside houses.

Keep in mind that most snakes in the Kansas City area are harmless and are beneficial to our local ecology as a natural form of pest control – you probably don’t care for rats and mice any more than you might happen to love snakes. Snakes tend to be naturally shy and will typically avoid contact with humans, although as we know they can be aggressive and dangerous. If you find a snake and are unsure what type it is and need it safely removed, contact us today.

Snake Removal Services:
  • Snakes on Property, under decks or home
  • Snakes inside the home
  • Snakes in the swimming pool
  • And anywhere else they happen to be!


“They were wonderful! They came out right away and removed a snake from my back patio.”

Sharon C

“Great experience! They were able to patch a bunch of entry points I didn't even know we had for mice and snakes, no issues since. Timely and professional.”

Roxana Guggenmos

“I did not have an in-service visit but instead a sent a picture of a snake skin to be identified. The owner came back and told me that it was a harmless snake and it was most likely no longer in the house. This could have been an opportunity for him to tell me I should be VERY concerned but instead he didn't make me feel panicked and TRUTH and HONESTY is something very much appreciated! THANK YOU!!!”

Karen Bartlett

“I recently bought a house which is 100+ yrs old. I'd noticed a snake skin in the basement and wanted to make sure there were no snakes or other unwanted inhabitants down there before I moved in. I contacted Catch-it Wildlife & Pest Control and a very professional, courteous & helpful young man came right away and not only inspected the basement, ensuring me upon completion that it was pest free, they also inspected the outside of the house and fixed a few places that might have allowed entrance to pests into the basement and one place that could've let pests in underneath the roof in the future. I was 100% satisfied and highly recommend them.”

Bethany Dee

“I had snakes in my basement, Ben came out and sealed up my house. A few weeks later when the snakes returned he came back and did some more sealing. Happy to say I’ve been snake free for nearly two years. I can’t remember how much I paid but it was worth every penny.”

April Booth

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Steve Painter, Owner, Catch-It Wildlife and Pest