Kansas City Professional Squirrel Removal

Are squirrels taking over your yard or living in your attic? If so, then you understand why it’s important to take swift action when it comes to removing these pesky critters from your home. We make it easier than ever for homeowners to eliminate squirrels and other pests from their property.

Squirrels may look cute and can be fun to watch, but when they are living in your attic or outside your home, they can become a real nuisance. Our local Kansas City squirrels have the propensity of causing damage to your home or property by chewing holes, destroying property, nesting in areas that could create a fire hazard, and gnawing wires. We can safely remove your critters to limit further damage and help stop new problems from occurring.

Squirrel Removal Methods

We’ve been professionally removing squirrels and repairing their damage for decades. Each situation is different and we use a variety of removal and exclusion methods. Typically this involves trapping the squirrels and taking them elsewhere and then various exclusion methods to block off all entry points so they can’t return. Scroll down the page to read a few of our squirrel stories, as well as some testimonials.

We are readily available and easy to contact. If you have a squirrel problem, we are happy to help you.

“I have used Catch-It two different times over 12 years to deal with squirrels that have chewed their way into my attic. They are extremely efficient and with their method, you can be certain that they got every critter before they patch up the point or points of entry. Getting rid of squirrels can seem expensive, but the amount of damage squirrels can do to your home can be extensive . . . . it is easily worth it.”

Tim Pott

“We had a squirrel in our attic. It turned out to be a large male. From the sound of the scratching, it sounded like something much bigger. We didn’t know what to expect, but called Catch-it and they set a trap. It was only the one squirrel and he was captured quickly. The guys at Catch-it followed up and repaired an entry in our new roof. Great job, I’d say 5 stars.”

Jay Adams

“We had a great experience with Wade and Catch-It Wildlife! The squirrels in our attic were removed quickly and Wade was prompt whenever we called to reach him. They covered the entry point after all squirrels were removed too! So happy with the service!”

Cassidy Broll

“Tried to catch the squirrels in the attic ourselves with no results. Steve and his crew had them all caught and the attic hole patched/secured in a little over a week. Couldn't be more pleased. Very knowledgeable and very thorough. Highly recommend.”

Shari Keeney

“I used Catch-it Wildlife several times to catch both raccoons and squirrels that were getting into my attic. Catch-it would set up traps and did a great job of understanding where to best set them to catch the critters. The traps were never on my roof for a long period of time. I would recommend them and I would use again.”

Dennis Cantrell

“Excellent service! Our chimney cap had blown off in a storm and we needed it put back on asap as we’ve had trouble with squirrels falling down our chimney. Catch It Wildlife was out to re place our chimney cap within a couple of days! Done quickly and professionally. Will use this company again if needed. A+++++++++!”

Pam Jacob

“Responsive, professional, personable. Second time I’ve hired them, first for squirrels in my fireplace/chimney, second for a raccoon yanking insulation from a small opening between the shingles and guttering. Pleased with the service.

Jackie Peterson

“Squirrels were creating holes in my roof. All I had to do was hire these guys. Wade set the traps and monitored results on a daily basis. In about 2 weeks the problem was resolved. I would highly recommend them."

David Winetroub

“We've employed Catch-It's services a number of times now. They took care of our squirrel problem, very reliably checking traps every couple days even though it was Christmastime. Their entomologist was also able to help us solve the mystery of where a persistent fly infestation was coming from. Every staff interaction we've had has been pleasant, professional, and prompt. I plan to continue using their services in the future."

Marie Mahnke

“I received timely and great service. I have used this company twice my technician was Stephen on the last visit. Squirrels are an ongoing problem, and I have a black walnut tree. My tech checked the traps daily( based on his travel route). He closed entry points Very neatly! Squirrels are territorial and very intelligent, they will keep finding a way into an attic. I will call this company again. This service is so necessary for a safe and pleasant home."

Ms Spenccy

“Did a great job with our squirrel problem. In just 2 days they were all gone! I would use them again."

Shauna Carson

“Catch-It was able to come out the day after I called about a hole in my chimney siding from squirrels who were recently active up there. Other companies told me it would be more than a week before I could be scheduled. Chad was on time and very professional...set up the trap and checked it periodically. Turns out the squirrels had abandoned their nest (or saw the trap!) so there was no "catching" and they ended up just repairing the hole. Very happy with their service!"

Stephanie Fields


Blue Springs, MO - squirrel-damaged solar panels | Click to Expand

The homeowner contacted us about a squirrel problem. They have three groups of solar panels and one section went out. The homeowner was aware that a squirrel was often on the roof but didn’t know that there was a squirrel nest under one of the panels until the solar panel repairman noticed the nest.

Squirrels like to gnaw on wires and that’s exactly what this particular squirrel had been doing.

We went out to remove the squirrel nest and the squirrel. When we were on the roof the squirrel was also staying nearby under the solar panels on the roof (the photo shows the nest with the squirrel nearby); the close proximity of the squirrel to us and the nest made us suspect this may be a female with an active nest of babies.

As we carefully removed the nest we found several young kits, even though it was a little early in the Kansas City area to have squirrel kits (squirrels typically breed twice a year with kits born in March/April and also August/September). We kept the babies close and warm.

We set a live trap on the roof and shortly after the mother squirrel was in the trap (second photo). We were then able to safely relocate the mother and her kits.

But this story doesn't end with relocating the squirrel and her kits. Something unique about us is that we also provide quality repair and mitigation services - saving homeowners from finding a general contractor or having to DIY. With animals, you're generally dealing with damage that needs to be repaired (wires fixed by the solar panel company), and then blocking access so that animals do not gain access again. We carefully installed a quality preventative measure to keep squirrels from ever being a problem again (see photos three and four).

If you have solar panels on your roof it’s a good idea to keep an eye out for squirrels frequently near the panels. It’s not a problem to have a squirrel occasionally run across your roof, but if a squirrel is often near your panels there may be a nest, and because squirrels like to gnaw wires there is a good chance you may end up with damage. Contact us if squirrels are causing you problems.

Lee's Summit, MO - an overlooked access hole | Click to Expand

Here are some photos from another Lee's Summit house of an attic access hole that was missed by another company. The area had already been patched and flashed and "looked good". However, looks can be deceiving and, as you can see from the photo of our technician's hand, a significant gap was still present, allowing animals access to the attic.

While we’re all human, and anyone can make a mistake, but this is a good example of why many of our customers prefer to use us, local professionals, rather than a national franchise.

Expert Squirrel Removal

Having a few squirrels in your backyard is not a problem, but if you notice signs of damage, it’s important to take action quickly. The sooner the problem is address the less damage to deal with. Not only that, but in March/April and August/September squirrels are often birthing kits. It’s easier to get remove an adult squirrel as oppossed to an adult squirrel and a bunch of babies.

The signs of squirrel damage include the following:

  • Squirrel urine spots on ceilings and walls
  • Chew marks through shingles, siding, and other construction materials
  • Nests in the attic
  • Damage to fruit trees and garden vegetables
  • Bite marks on composite decking
  • Holes dug into the cushions of outdoor furniture

Getting rid of these rodents often requires specific tools and expertise – which we have. We are also licensed, bonded, and insured. Our technicians carefully identify possible entry points, suggest preventive measures such as sealing exterior cracks or holes where squirrels might enter, and use humane removal protocols when possible.

Diseases Carried by Squirrels

Physical damage to your home is only one concern with squirrels. These rodents also pose a risk to health. Like other wildlife, squirrels carry parasites from ticks and fleas. These parasites are toxic to people and pets.

Squirrels also spread diseases through their urine and droppings:

  • Lyme’s disease
  • Tularemia
  • Salmonella
  • Typhus
  • Ehrlichiosis

In summary, squirrels are not just a nuisance, but can actually be dangerous if the infestation isn’t taken care of swiftly. From trapping to exclusion and repellents, we have what it takes to remove family members of the Sciuridae Order (the official classification of squirrels) from your home or business.

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