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Bird Netting

Bird Netting

Bird Net is an effective pigeon, starling, sparrow, etc control method that keeps birds out of areas they like to roost or nest in.

Bird Net is a commercial bird netting solution that keeps birds away whether they are light pressure (only there once in awhile), medium pressure (somewhat committed to a spot), or heavy pressure (they are willing to fight you to stay). It is 100% Humane. It is a harmless, impenetrable barrier against all pest birds.

We know how to get rid of pigeons and how to get rid of birds.

  • Benefits of Netting
  • Effective against all bird species
  • Highly resistant to ultraviolet rays
  • Flame-resistant (also available in flame proof)
  • Available in 3 colors: black, stone (beige), and white
  • Low profile installation system
  • Twine is twisted and knotted for greater strength
  • Specified on historical properties
  • Long-term permanent solution
  • When installed correctly there is no drooping and is nearly invisible