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Bird Net Is an Effective Pigeon, Starling, Sparrow Control Method That Keeps Birds Out of Areas They Like To Roost or Nest In

We are Kansas City’s trusted contractor for installing commercial bird netting solutions and have worked on historic buildings, professional sporting stadiums, and casinos. Bird Net, when installed properly, is a solution that keeps birds away whether they are light pressure (only there once in awhile), medium pressure (somewhat committed to a spot), or heavy pressure (they are willing to fight you to stay).

Bird netting is a 100% humane solution that is a harmless, and (we’ll say it again: when installed properly) an impenetrable barrier against all pest birds.

Bird netting is a labor-intensive product. If you are going to invest in bird netting make sure you select a contractor who will do a quality job and who has the experience needed to solve your bird problem.

Is Bird Netting an Eye Sore?

Often the bird netting is not noticeable because it is typically installed under canopies or porticos to cover the soffit/the structure’s underside, and up in the shadows it is commonly not noticed. 

When the netting must be installed on the visible portion of a building’s exterior, it can be noticed when you are close to the building. Frankly, it’s similar to having screens on windows. While you can notice the screens if you look closely, you generally don’t notice the screens, and you are grateful for the protection the screens provide from pests.

We are the leading installer of bird netting for commercial, government, and sports related contracts in the Kansas City area and are skilled at installing netting in the least-obvious manner possible. Contact us for a free evaluation and consultation.


“I had a problem with birds inside my roof and they did a great job in cleaning them out. Highly recommend.”

Jennifer Skouse-Voll

“Excellent and thorough service. Used them 5 times so far for squirrels, bat and birds issues and every time service was excellent.”

Tanya Taksa

“Twice we’ve used them for bird removal in unwanted spaces. Prompt, friendly, knowledgeable—they always get the job done!”

Charles Fugate


Midland Theatre Bird Netting | Click to Expand / Contract

The Midland Theatre is an historic theater located in the heart of downtown Kansas City, Missouri. The amazing architecture is something that helps make the theater so special –  unfortunately, the pigeons also love the exterior columns and covered areas. The nesting pigeons were causing a mess all over the front of the building - not to mention that bird droppings are acidic and can cause corrosion.

We began by installing netting in the front. The netting was so effective and unobtrusive that the Midland Theatre had us also install netting behind the building.

Large Medical Center Bird Netting in Olathe | Click to Expand / Contract

Here’s a bird netting project we completed for a large hospital system in Olathe, Kansas, that was having problems with birds nesting under the covered patient drop-off/portico. We proposed an unobtrusive bird netting solution that would harmlessly prevent birds from nesting in the area where patients were being picked up and dropped off.

An important component of our solution involved the lighting system. While the ideal is to install permanent bird netting, the reality is that in many places where netting must be installed, occasional maintenance access is necessary. Our solution took into account providing the hospital system with maintenance access to the light bulbs. 

Speaking of maintenance access into areas of bird netting, we also did a bird netting remediation project across the street from this particular Medical Center. Someone else had installed bird netting but didn’t take into account access for light bulbs, and we were called in to fix their netting install so that the maintenance crew could access the lights. Knowing how to fix the existing, improperly installed bird netting, so that the lights could be accessed without having to take down the netting is just one of the advantages of having been in business for decades, as opposed to merely being in business for years.

Sports Stadium Bird Netting (High School to Professional) | Click to Expand / Contract

Sports stadiums with outdoor overhead roofing very commonly need bird netting. We’ve installed netting on stadiums ranging from High School up to Professional stadiums (that we can’t mention the name of).

These particular photos are from the Park Hill District Soccer Complex in Parkville, Missouri. For this particular building, some netting was initially installed when the structure was built. The problem was that the netting was ineffective, something which underscores the value in having animal-behavior specialists install your bird netting.

In this case, the netting installed by the contractor had a few small spots that were left open. Sure, it saved time and money on the initial install, but starlings and sparrows are cavity nesters. They look for and will find openings. In addition, cavity nesters are not deterred by bird spikes. 

We were contracted to properly install bird netting to prevent the starlings and sparrows from nesting overhead in the soccer complex roofing.

Also, we’ll point out that general contractors and procurement employees will appreciate the photo that shows our technician in the lift - because they will notice the safety harness. We not only value the lives of animals in our community, but the health and safety of our technicians is very important to us. With Catch-It, safety regulations aren’t a hassle: they are an important safeguard for our team when we are working at your location.

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