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Pigeon Removal

Pigeon Removal

Pest & Wildlife Control in the Kansas City Metro Area

Pigeons are a very significant pest bird species. From roof tops to balconies to residential homes, they have adapted to live in all areas of the metro area. The droppings of pigeons can become a real nuisance to most businesses and even home owners. Pigeon droppings have been known harbour as many 13 different diseases.

Catch-It Wildlife & Pest Control will do a full inspection of the home or building to determine what the appropriate control methods should be. We install netting for large warehouses to remove the birds, clean up all of the droppings, and do any necessary repairs to keep them from coming back.

How can you get in touch with Catch-It Wildlife?

If you have a wildlife or pest problem, contact us by filling out the form on the contact page or call us at (816) 769-3106 today!

Catch-It Wildlife provides pest controlwildlife removal, and bird control services!