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We can help you with any ant problem – big or small. Call us now before your ant infestation really becomes a problem.

Did you know that ants are the #1 “nuisance pest” in the United States? Ants aren’t only a nuisance at picnics, but they can enter your home through the smallest gaps in their search for food. It doesn’t really matter how new your home is, how well it was built or where it is located – we service old and new homes in neighborhoods across the KC area – ants are everywhere!Call Catch-It, your trusted ant exterminator in the Kansas City Metro Area!

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Ant control is something that ‘do-it-yourselfers’ often try to handle on their own. But, if you add up all the time and money that most DIY’ers spend trying to get the pests out, it usually turns out that it would have been less expensive and a lot easier if they would have just hired a pest professional to handle it correctly from the start.

How Can You Get in Touch With Catch-It Wildlife and Pest Control?

If you have a pest problem and don’t want to call a national franchise, contact us — we’re local professionals who have been dealing with ants for decades. Simply fill out the form on the contact page or call us at (816) 769-3106 today! Catch-It Wildlife provides pest control, wildlife removal, and bird control services in the Kansas City Metro Area, from Lawrence, to Leavenworth, to Lee’ Summit, and Liberty.

“I had terrible ant problems this past spring. With newborn babies in the home they where very quick and efficient. Never saw another ant. We also live in a neighborhood with a million acorn trees and have a zillion squirrels and they came and took care of them getting into my house too.”

Yvette Chavez

“These guys don't hassle and they don't play games. I've had a few 'less than desirable' experiences with other Kansas City pest control guys, but Catch It exceeded my expectations. We had an ant problem in our kitchen and no matter what we did, they wouldn't go away so we called Catch It and a nice young man came out and sprayed. He explained everything that he was doing and answered all of my questions. He really knew a lot about ants! They have a 30 day guarantee and they came out a second time because they weren't able to get all of them the first time. But, they came out promptly and without charge, now I'm ant free. By far the best experience with a Kansas City pest control firm that I've ever had.”

Walter Pr

“It’s one of the best company and they know what they are doing! Wade is fantastic and has helped us so much and is very prompt! If you are looking for pest or wildlife control, just go for them!”

Sharmila Nevsky

"We've had several problems over the years of service that they have quickly taken care of from brown recluses, ants, and bats. We went with a local company because the large national company was not able to resolve our pest issues. I can highly recommend them and their professional staff."


“The service man we had was very knowledgeable and was very good at explaining all that was happening with our rodent removal. I would highly recommend this company with any pest or rodent problems you might have. I know we will use them again if needed.”

Cindy Story

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Hi there, I'm Steve, the Owner of Catch-It, and I personally handle all incoming inquiries from the website. If you have a question or need help, send me a message via the form below and I'll be in touch with you soon (often the same day). If your query is urgent, please give us a call at (816) 769-3106.

Steve Painter, Owner, Catch-It Wildlife and Pest