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The Beaver is North America’s Largest  Rodent!

We love beavers (and even have a biologist on staff), yet beavers can be very destructive. Most of our work removing beavers is done for HOA’s and is within various city limits, which is why we generally live-trap beavers. Live traps enable us to safely release any non-target species. What do we do with trapped beavers? We always relocate target trapped animals when we can do so.

These cute little guys create lots of damage to mature trees and saplings. They will eat the bark off of all branches of the tree once felled. They will use the old sticks to build dams that could flood roads and property. The sticks are also used for building their den areas and to help protect the den entrance. They can cause considerable damage to mature trees in a short period of time.

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“Garrett was AWESOME! Super friendly and knowledgeable. He was able to fix our beaver issues very quickly. He took the time to set up a great system to successfully attract and catch all of the beavers that were destroying our trees. He is a very skilled trapper and I would strongly recommend him! He is also a very kind and personable gentleman that you can count on! Thank you Garrett for all of your help!"

Brian Pardo

“We live on a small lake that abutts a golf course. Couldn't believe it when we saw beaver damage to trees on our property. We put up fencing around the already damaged ones and called Catch-It Wildlife Control to trap the beavers. They worked very hard using multiple snares and cages, and did finally catch one of the critters. They trapped for another week but didn't catch anymore. The damage has stopped so the one beaver may have been who was causing us all the problems. I feel that Catch-It worked diligently to catch the beaver. I would recommend them to anyone who has a similar problem."

Donna Nielson

“We called for help with a pesky beaver that was destroying our dam and decimating the trees around our lake. The removed FIVE of the pests and [stayed] around until we were sure that the problem was solved. Thanks for your help."

Mark Synovec

“They caught 4 moles in a couple weeks. Did what I was trying to do for over a year in a couple weeks. Very professional and would recommend"

Phil Gray

“They company is great. Kept me updated to the progress of catching and removing beavers and ground hog. They also sent pictures. I highly recommend them."

Mario Flores

“I highly recommend using Catch-It Wildlife services. I had an issue with beavers dominating my pond. I was able to learn from Steve, the owner, about their natural ways of living and construct a humane way to capture and remove them from my pond. When we scheduled the trapping, Steve sent out an experienced trapper. He, like Steve had been trapping for years as a hobby and knew the behaviors of the wildlife. Within 60 minutes we had our first catch. I was alerted by a texts, and within a few weeks all the beavers had been removed. During this period, I was kept inform of the trappers visits since I didn’t live on the property. I was extremely pleased."

Virginia Lee Hunter

“Live trapping of several beaver on our land. Excellent work, effective, prompt, friendly. Would use again for any live-trapping service."

Bill Leife


Removing a Beaver from a City Culvert | Click to Expand/Contract

A local city called with a report of a beaver living in a culvert right in the middle of town. This was a strange call because the nearest body of water was about a mile away. We've dealt with countless animals in culverts, and the animals that are typically in city culverts (away from a body of water) are raccoons and feral cats.

Yet, a resident had taken of photo of the beaver disappearing down into the culvert! (photo upper left)

We drove to the location, removed the sewer lid, climbed down, and instantly noticed peeled beaver sticks (photo upper right). This is definitely a beaver.

We set a trap and the beaver was caught the very next day -- cute little guy (photo below). We relocated him to a safe place away from traffic and near a body of water.

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