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“Very knowledgeable and competent at what they do! Steve came out on one of the most bitterly cold days in February to help us eradicate the squirrel from our attic! He was able to immediately spot the hole the squirrel had chewed near our roof and place the trap so that the squirrel was caught! Definitely recommend!”

Angie Minor

“Removed 10 Raccoons and a Possum for our property in a Matt Adams subdivision is southern Overland Park. All gone within a week. Great service.”

James Muir

“Catch-It Wildlife & Pest Control was knowledgeable and efficient. I thought we had squirrels in our roof, but it was bats. The folks at Catch-It knew what to do and how to humanely solve the problem.”

Clint McDuffie

“We discovered we had bats two days before leaving town for several days. I was able to capture the two that were flying in our basement but I needed to be sure there were no others. Leaving in two days added a lot of stress to the situation. Called Catch-it Wildlife. I had used them several years before for skunk removal. Steve came out the next day. Made sure the house was bat-proof and set up an exit for any that might have been left. The exit was such that once they left, they would not be able to return. It's been several months and we've seen no bats or signs of them since. Super response and great job done by Steve.”

Bill Araujo

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Hi there, I'm Steve, the Owner of Catch-It, and I personally handle all incoming inquiries from the website. If you have a question or need help, send me a message via the form below and I'll be in touch with you soon (often the same day). If your query is urgent, please give us a call at (816) 769-3106.

Steve Painter, Owner, Catch-It Wildlife and Pest