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Catch-It Wildlife & Pest Control has a staff of Certified Bird Control and bird removal specialists. We are ready to assist you with any bird problems that you might have. We resolve all species problems, from Canadian Geese to barn swallows.

Birds can cause a real problem when they nest on your home or business property. Pigeons and woodpeckers can damage the outside of your buildings. Geese can be quite aggressive and leave a huge mess everywhere they go. Starlings and sparrows can nest in your home and cause a huge inconvenience or property damage.

At Catch-It Wildlife & Pest Control we are experienced in just about every kind of bird removal that you can imagine. We are excited about this stuff and have more details than you probably care to read about on our various bird control and netting pages:

Lower down this page we even have some bird control stories to share with you.



“We had birds nesting above our main entrance to our business and Catch It solved our problem and the birds haven't returned. They did a great job.”

Chris Winn

“I’m a new construction home builder and got birds in the soffits of the house. They removed all the birds with no incident. Thanks for your assistance”

John Caswell

“Great experience with Catch It Wildlife! We had a bird nest in a difficult to reach part of our roof. For several years baby birds would wash out of the nest and into the gutter. Very sad. Catch it removed the nest and installed some covering to keep them out. Good price. Very professional!”

Jeffrey Dazey


Midland Theatre Bird Netting | Click to Expand

The Midland Theatre is an historic theater located in the heart of downtown Kansas City, Missouri. The amazing architecture is something that helps make the theater so special –  unfortunately, the pigeons also love the exterior columns and covered areas. The nesting pigeons were causing a mess all over the front of the building - not to mention that bird droppings are acidic and can cause corrosion.

We began by installing netting in the front. The netting was so effective and unobtrusive that the Midland Theatre had us also install netting behind the building.

American Bittern in a Leawood Front Yard | Click to Expand

Got a call about a bird from a homeowner in Leawood. They walked out their front door and, whoa, this odd, yet threatening bird was in their front bushes.

The bird is an American Bittern, and, when threatened, they spread their wings to look larger and more menacing.

It was unusual to have a Bittern in Leawood, as Bitterns prefer marshes and aquatic habitats, the same type of habitats suitable to herons.

This particular bird was aggressive (pecking) when we arrived. Bitterns are a Federally protected bird and we were happy to safely relocate this one --- I'm sure he was much happier back in his natural habitat!

Owl in a Parkville Chimney | Click to Expand

This was a fun call that came in from Parkville, Missouri. A repeat customer called and said they had something in their chimney. We came out and crawled into the fireplace to have a look. When we opened the damper and looked up, it was hilarious, because blinking right down at us was a beautiful Great Horned Owl.

It was very unusual to have a Great Horned Owl in a chimney, as Great Horned Owls are not cavity nesters, whereas the Barn Owl is a cavity nester. A cavity nester looks for openings, nooks, and crannies to get into for nesting. Even though this Great Horned Owl had accidentally ended up in the chimney, the owl was going to die if it wasn't safely removed because it could not unfurl its wings in the chimney.

Despite the fact that we were savings its life, the rascal wasn't happy with us as we carefully removed it.

It's very rare for us to release a rescued animal on the homeowner property, yet we were able to safely do so in this instance (and, of course, there was never a repeat call as the bird only got into the chimney on accident).

Sports Stadium Bird Netting (High School to Professional) | Click to Expand

Sports stadiums with outdoor overhead roofing very commonly need bird netting. We’ve installed netting on stadiums ranging from High School up to Professional stadiums (that we can’t mention the name of).

These particular photos are from the Park Hill District Soccer Complex in Parkville, Missouri. For this particular building, some netting was initially installed when the structure was built. The problem was that the netting was ineffective, something which underscores the value in having animal-behavior specialists install your bird netting.

In this case, the netting installed by the contractor had a few small spots that were left open. Sure, it saved time and money on the initial install, but starlings and sparrows are cavity nesters. They look for and will find openings. In addition, cavity nesters are not deterred by bird spikes. 

We were contracted to properly install bird netting to prevent the starlings and sparrows from nesting overhead in the soccer complex roofing.

Also, we’ll point out that general contractors and procurement employees will appreciate the photo that shows our technician in the lift - because they will notice the safety harness. We not only value the lives of animals in our community, but the health and safety of our technicians is very important to us. With Catch-It, safety regulations aren’t a hassle: they are an important safeguard for our team when we are working at your location.

Bird Removal That Goes Above and Beyond

While most bird control companies will simply attempt to remove the birds, we not only remove the birds but offer cleanup of large areas to make sure that the birds have not left your property contaminated. For instance, after a pigeon removal, it is quite common to be left with a large area covered with droppings. This is a huge eyesore, can spread harmful bacteria, and is acidic/corrosive to buildings. When we are done removing the birds, we will scrape and power wash the contaminated area to make sure that it is safe once again.

Certified Bird Control and Pigeon Removal

Catch-It Wildlife & Pest Control has been certified by Bird Barrier America since 1995. Therefore, you can rest assured that we know the most effective and humane means of pigeon removal and bird control. All of our technicians are Certified Bird Control Specialists. We use many methods for solving different bird problems and pick the right solution for your specific situation.

We Offer Both Residential and Commercial Solutions

We have handled bird removal on both the residential and commercial side. Whether you have just one nest that is causing a problem or you have a huge flock of pigeons bothering the customers of your business, we have the necessary experience and know the means to get rid of them. Let us help you solve your bird control problems today!

How Can You Get in Touch With Catch-it Wildlife?

If you have a wildlife or pest problem, contact us by filling out the form on the contact page or call us at (816) 769-3106 today! Catch-It Wildlife provides pest control, wildlife removal, and bird control services!

This photo shows Woodpecker damage to a home in the Lock Lloyd subdivision (Cass County, Missouri – near Belton). The homeowner noticed insulation all over the ground and then saw the hole in the siding. Each day the homeowner was banging on the side of the house to scare away the bird, unfortunately, to no effect. We repaired the siding and installed a repellent device to deter the woodpekcer from returning and are monitoring the device quarterly to confirm continued efficacy. 

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