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Have you ever had the feeling that you’re not really alone in your Kansas City Metro Area bedroom at night? Unfortunately, that may be true if you have a bed bug infestation. These little insects, scientifically known as Cimex lectularius, are very small, brown, flat insects that mostly operate during nighttime. They are parasites that sustain themselves by feeding on the blood of warm blooded creatures. However, out of all hosts, they prefer to feed on human blood.

Unfortunately for those with bed bug problems, these little blood suckers have a knack for living right where you sleep. Their small bodies allow them to fit into incredibly narrow spaces – especially into headboards, mattresses and even into box springs. Their tiny bodies make them nearly impossible to spot while they are feeding on you.

A key way to identify bedbug bites is not just red, itchy bites, but there tends to be bleeding with the bite – which will result in some spots/bloodstains on the sheets (sorry if this is a bit graphic, but, lets face it – bedbugs are nasty, plain and simple). The sooner you contact us, the better – and saying that is not some type of gimmicky marketing speak to get you to contact us so we have more work. We have plenty of work. The key here is that resolving a bedbug problem in one room is much simpler than multiple rooms. Not only that, but resolving a bedbug problem in a bedroom with a bed is also simpler than a sofa. Bedbugs feed while you sleep, and they will generally be in a bedroom. As the population grows, it is not uncommon to find them migrating to other areas where you spend time, such as the sofa.

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This call about bedbugs came from the northland. The homeowners were getting bitten and had been using DIY treatments, which were not effective. Next, the homeowners did something very logical, yet counterproductive: because they were getting bitten up in bed they moved to sleeping on the sofa. Here's the problem: bedbugs will follow you, and treating a bedbug problem in a bedroom with a bed is much easier than a sofa with all of the textures, nooks, and crannies that sofas have.

When we arrived we knew it was a problem: the bedbugs were clearly visible. Bedbugs generally hide, and when they are out in the open it tells you the good hiding spots are already occupied!

Our treatment plan for bedbugs involves one fee for several application visits and then a final follow-up to ensure complete eradication of the bugs. 

This particular treatment was so effective, and there had been so very many in that particular sofa, that on our follow-up visit we could clearly see dead bedbugs on the floor by the sofa.

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