Attic Insulation Services in Kansas City

Install New Attic Insulation, Replace Existing Due to Contamination or Add More for Better Efficiency

Catch-It Wildlife & Pest Control performs several different attic insulation services. We can install completely new insulation in an attic that has never had it before, remove old contaminated insulation and replace it with new material or we can simply top off your existing insulation so you can be sure that your home in the Kansas City area is at maximum efficiency. We offer free estimates on these services.

Our estimates include an inspection. The fact is that most all animal droppings (bat, raccoon, squirrel, mice, etc.) are bio-hazardous. Insulation that is contaminated with droppings does need to be replaced, and replaced in a safe manner. Yet we cannot tell you how many times other organizations have said that a homeowner needs to replace all of the insulation in their attic when it wasn’t actually required. One of the advantages of having been in business since the 1980’s is that our reputation of trust and integrity is important to us, and we’re not desperate for work. If you want an honest inspection of your home or business’s insulation, contact us today.

“We had bats in our attic and we called a different place first and it was so bad it was comical. I found Catch it all on a Bat research website and they saved us! They answered timely, gave great advice, came out to set up the one way tunnel and sealed our roof properly so the bats couldn’t get back in. Once the bats were gone they came back and sealed up the one way tunnel, checked the attic for additional services we might need depending on how much of a mess the bats made and then gave us a warranty. It’s been about a year and NO bats! They will be the only service company we will use again for any unwanted pest in our home. There isn’t a better more reliable company out there for you money!! Get it done right the first time!!”

Carlye Ehman


KCMO: National Franchise quotes $18k attic insulation mice?! | Click to Expand

A KCMO homeowner called us because they wanted a second opinion before spending $18,000 with an unnamed National Franchise having their attic insulation replaced due to mouse droppings.

First, I had to pick my jaw up off the floor. $18,000 for insulating a house? We've insulated businesses and churches that cost $18,000 or more, but a house? That sounds very high.

Second, mouse droppings?! Sure, no one likes droppings, but let's be reasonable here: mouse droppings are not hazardous. When we say that bat and raccoon droppings/feces/guano are hazardous, we're not simply promoting our services or trying to scare people into calling us - bat and raccoon droppings are hazardous to humans. The CDC lists those hazards on their website. But mouse droppings? First, ok, yes, make sure you don't have active mice. Then second, sure, clean that "stuff" up where you see the mess - but you don't have to throw out thousands of dollars of insulation in your attic and bring in new insulation due to mice.

As I said, the homeowner called us because they wanted a second opinion before spending $18,000 with the unnamed National Franchise. We offer free inspections for insulation estimates only. All our inspections include entering the attic to inspect for any signs of animal or pest activity as well as evidence of damage, such as wire damage, flex tube damage (very common if squirrels or raccoons are present), etc. Our job is to protect your home. Each technician will take pictures to show the homeowner what was found. We can email or text these pictures to the customer for future reference. 

We went out and inspected the attic and provided the homeowner with a report along with our recommendations.

What did we find? Two little mouse droppings. That's it. This is not what would be considered an infestation, and even if there was a larger quantity let's not forget that, despite any type of waste being unclean and unpleasant, mouse droppings are not hazardous. You don't have to throw EVERYTHING out. Only in EXTREME situations would we even consider removing attic insulation because of a mouse infestation. 

The homeowner called us up later in the day, expressing appreciation for the professionalism and expertise demonstrated by our technician, and saying that they are ending their business relationship with the unnamed National Franchise and will only call us in the future for any type of pest or animal control need.

What's sad about this situation is that this is not an isolated instance. We've heard and seen this before. It's too bad that not all businesses choose to conduct themselves in an ethical and honorable fashion. Whether the franchise was simply being greedy and purposely trying to take advantage of this homeowner, or whether the franchise innocently thought that mice droppings were hazardous and doesn't know what they are doing - neither one of those bodes well for the franchise.

For us? What more can we do besides be here, and available. We're continuing to conduct business the way we have for over 30 years. We might be considered "old school" because we're not greedy and are not quoting high prices for unnecessary work and have spent years studying and gaining knowledge and experience in this arena, but we believe that, in the long run, this is the proper way to do business.

Why Choose Us for Attic Insulation in Kansas City?

We use a special cellulose insulation. There are a number of aspects that make cellulose a great choice for your home:

Fire retardant treated
GREEN – environmentally friendly
Thermally superior to fiberglass
Sound deadening

The material also conforms to the shape of your attic. When we install insulation, we actually use air to blow the product onto the attic surface, so it conforms to all corners, nooks and crannies. Other companies often use rolled insulation which has to be cut and might not fit perfectly – often leaving air pockets which reduces the R-Value of your home and drastically lowers the benefits of the attic’s insulation.

At Catch-It Wildlife & Pest Control, we specialize in removing and replacing old insulation which has been contaminated by a squirrel, raccoon or bat infestation. These types of animals can leave droppings which spread bacteria and attract the growth of harmful fungus and are classified as being hazardous to humans (if you scroll down the page a little ways we have summary extract quotes and then links to several research studies about raccoon scat and bat guano — if you have a few spare hours of time, are highly intelligent, and enjoy reading dry material you’ll probably find the studies fascinating).




 It does not matter if the contaminated insulation was ‘blown-in’ or rolled material, we can remove it. After we remove the old material, we use cleansers and enzymes which are completely biodegradable to clean up your attic before installing new insulation. The bottom line is that we are able to get your attic back to a safe and clean environment.


If you are not interested in cellulose insulation, we also offer fiberglass on request. We have Certified Installers perform all of our attic insulation services so you can be sure that it will be done right. An attic insulation is a great way for a the Kansas City Metro Area homeowner to recoup the cost of expensive animal problems. When you replace dirty and contaminated attic insulation with new cellulose or fiberglass, you will be saving a great deal on your heating and cooling bills. Beyond that, you will have a clean and sanitary attic.

When you need new attic insulation in Kansas City, give us a call at (816) 769-3106 or contact us online today!

Histoplasma capsulatum, an environmental fungus, is the most common endemic pulmonary mycosis in the USA… Infection with Histoplasma capsulatum causes significant morbidity and mortality worldwide. This fungus is a dimorphic ascomycete that grows in its hyphal form in soil and bird and bat guano.

Dr. Michael Horwath et al.

Researcher: Histoplasma capsulatum, lung infection and immunity, National Library of Medicine, Center for Biotechnology Information (US Government)

Among wildlife nematodes, raccoon roundworm (Baylisascaris procyonis) is infamous for its ability to cause fatal disease in both humans and wildlife. This parasite infects millions of raccoons in North America.

Dr. Sara B. Weinstein

Researcher: The Ecology and Transmission of the Raccoon Roundworm, Baylisascaris procyonis., University of California, Santa Barbara

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