Woodpecker Control

There are only six species of woodpeckers that are present year-round in the state of Missouri. There is one species that spends the winter in Missouri but nest in the northern United States and into Canada. That species is the Yellow-Bellied Sapsucker. The most common year-round species are the Red-Headed Woodpecker, Hairy Woodpecker, Downy Woodpecker, Norther Flicker, Red-Bellied Woodpecker, and the very large Pileated Woodpecker.

The damage they create is from their drumming on the homes siding or windowsills typically. Most activity occurs in the spring and fall of the year. Although they can be destructive throughout the year.

You should not assume that there are insects in the wood of the exterior of the home. Woodpeckers will use drumming on the structure to establish audible boundaries to establish their territories in the spring. Then the young of the year will establish their fall territories in the fall by repeating this drumming behavior. Sometimes they will pick materials that will create unique sounds as well. Metal exhaust pipes on the roof and even the glass of the home’s windows will be used to create audible boundaries. 

We will do the repairs if they have penetrated the exterior siding of the home. We then offer several options to stop this behavior.

Catch-It Wildlife & Pest Control will do a full inspection of the home or building in the Kansas City Metro Area and remove all accessible nesting material. We will ensure that all the birds are removed and do the repairs that are needed to keep the birds out for good.


“We had birds nesting above our main entrance to our business and Catch It solved our problem and the birds haven't returned. They did a great job.”

Chris Winn

“I’m a new construction home builder and got birds in the soffits of the house. They removed all the birds with no incident. Thanks for your assistance”

John Caswell

“Great experience with Catch It Wildlife! We had a bird nest in a difficult to reach part of our roof. For several years baby birds would wash out of the nest and into the gutter. Very sad. Catch it removed the nest and installed some covering to keep them out. Good price. Very professional!”

Jeffrey Dazey

This photo shows Woodpecker damage to a home in the Lock Lloyd subdivision (Cass County, Missouri – near Belton). The homeowner noticed insulation all over the ground and then saw the hole in the siding. Each day the homeowner was banging on the side of the house to scare away the bird, unfortunately, to no effect. We repaired the siding and installed a repellent device to deter the woodpekcer from returning and are monitoring the device quarterly to confirm continued efficacy. 

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