September 13, 2021

You got love their antics. Climbing trees, jumping from tree branch to tree branch, like a high trapeze act, walking electrical wires, like the tight rope act, its like there is a squirrel circus in your backyard every day. But there is a down side for all this free entertainment. They constantly gnaw on about anything that they can get their little incisors on. Their teeth grow constantly so they will gnaw on your deck furniture, your home siding, window sills, aluminum and steel gutters, electrical wiring, etc. Pretty much everything is far game.

These guys are really prolific as well. They have up to two litters a year, with about 3-5 young per litter. Although the fall litter is usually smaller in number.

Squirrels really like your house, probably about as much as you do. They love to live up stairs in the attic where it is nice and warm. They will usually start breeding in late December and will have their first litter around late February. A lot of times homeowners wont hear them. At least just the female. But when the babies start scurrying around up in the attic, the game is up. Rather than four feet now you have about 20 feet scurrying around above your head.

And their really not good housekeeper either. They will urinate and leave their droppings in your attic insulation. Worse case scenario is they will try gnawing on your electrical wiring up there. Its estimated that over 50% of all unknown home fires are blamed on rodents; squirrels, mice, rats.

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