A Common Sense Privacy Policy

This page is designed to share the Catch-It website privacy policy. First, we’ll say this: we’re in the business of removing bats, animals, and pests from businesses and homes. We’re not lawyers, and, as you can see, lawyers did not write this page. We wrote it. We try to use common sense and the golden rule in our business and personal lives – and you’ll probably see that reflected here.

Any personally identifiable information that we collect on our site is only used for legitimate Catch-It business purposes and is NOT available for rent or sale.

We respect our customers’ privacy. To be very frank, we’re so careful about privacy that if you are driving by and see one of our trucks at someone’s house and ask what we’re doing – you will probably get a bit of a generic answer. If you want the details on the job we’re doing you should ask the home or business owner. Why? Because not all home or business owners want their business being broadcast around the neighborhood — and we respect that.

We collect some information on our website. We use this page to outline what we data collect and how we use it. We’ll start with information that is not personally identifiable and will move into how we handle personally-identifiable data as we proceed.

General website traffic and anonymous usage details

We want our website to be helpful and practical – our goal is that our website honestly portrays information about services and answers initial questions you might have about our services.

We utilize several services on our website that help us gather information on how the site is being used by visitors. These services collect anonymous information that is not personally identifiable. While the specific services we use can vary, as of 2024, these services include:

Google Analytics

Google Analytics gathers anonymous information on how visitors found the site, what pages they viewed, how long they were on the site, etc. Knowing which pages were the last page a visitor viewed on our site helps us to know which pages might need improved content. Google Analytics sets a cookie in the user’s machine to help with gathering anonymous usage data. You can read more about Google Analytics’ privacy policy.

Microsoft Clarity

Microsoft Clarity is a tool that also gathers anonymous information about site visitors. Microsoft Clarity primarily provides two features: heat maps, and sessions. Heat maps are a way that we can view pages on our site with a color-coded overlay showing the most popular places on the page that a visitor clicked. This helps us know not only what resources are being accessed but also provides a visual idea of how visitors tend to access those resources. The sessions feature allows us to view anonymous past user sessions on the site, in a similar way that the user viewed the interacted with the site. The user sessions feature will highlight sessions that had code errors or seemed to experience problems – for example, a click on the website that didn’t result in anything happening. This allows us to troubleshoot code problems or broken link problems. Read more about Microsoft Clarity’s Privacy Policy.


Personally-identifiable Information

We only collect personally identifiable information on our site through a contact form. The contact form is a way that individuals can contact us – asking a question, or requesting a service estimate. The contact form is not a required method for contacting us, site visitors are also free to call us or send us a letter.

Our contact form has fields for name, email address, phone number, address, and message. Completed contact forms are automatically emailed to us. We also save the contact form securely in the website database, this way, in the event email crashes we will still be able to respond to inquiries. 

When contact forms are submitted to Catch-It we use the information to respond to site visitors via email, and will also sometimes contact site visitors by phone. The address field helps us to know where a potential job is located.

We do not have any type of automated sales system, or “drip marketing” system that will send you emails. You will not receive automated TXT messages from us or telemarketing calls. We don’t like to be bothered by marketing from other organizations, and even if running those types of campaigns would increase our sales a bit, we don’t, because that’s not how we do business.


Online Payments

Customers can pay their invoices on our website via a credit card. To ensure the highest security and data privacy: we do not handle the actual credit card payments – we link to our credit card processor’s website and they handle the security and privacy details. We receive information about the customer and the payment amount, but, as an organization, we never handle or see the full credit card number (referred to, in the industry, as a PAN: 16-digit Primary Account Number). Our credit card processor is fully PCI (Payment Card Industry) compliant and we have an annual audit to ensure our compliance with data handling and privacy. Our credit card processor is currently using the FluidPay platform to securely process transactions – read more about the FluidPay Privacy Policy.


How Long Data is Retained

At this time we do not have a data purge process. If you have personally identifiable information you have submitted to Catch-It Wildlife and Pest Control and would like the information removed/anonymized – please contact us via the Contact Us form on our website or by writing to:

Catch-It Wildlife and Pest Control, Inc.
Attn: Data Retention
11230 East State Route 350
Raytown, MO 64138

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