How can you get in touch with Catch-It Wildlife?

If you have a wildlife or pest problem, you can contact us by filling out this form. This will send a message directly to our inbox and we will respond as soon as we can. Or, if you would rather give us a call at (816) 441-3921.

What type of training do you and your technicians have?

Most of our Wildlife Technicians have a Wildlife Biology Degree, Biology Degree, Wildlife Management Degree, or degree in a very similar or relevant field. We also understand that learning is a never-ending process. We strive to keep abreast of the most recent technologies and techniques for resolving wildlife conflicts. The President of Catch-It Wildlife Damage Control, Inc. has been trapping for over 20 years and started the company in 1989.

When an animal is caught when will it picked up?

Traps are checked 7 days a week, once every 24 hours. Customers are asked to contact their Wildlife Technician once an animal is in the trap that has been placed. If you contact your technician, the animal will be picked up the same day and usually within thirty minutes to an hour. Times may vary.

Picking up the animals as quickly as possible is always one of our top priorities!

What type method of euthanasia do you use?

If live trapping methods are used, we will utilize a very humane method that is approved by the American Veterinary Medical Association.

Do you use lethal methods on wildlife?

Yes, we use lethal and live trapping methods. In most situations the lethal methods are the most efficient. Also, by using this method there will be no fear of the animal returning to cause further problems for you or your neighbors. Lethal methods are the norm in the wildlife control industry.

Do you guarantee your repairs?

Yes and no. We guarantee the sheet metal repairs we make for up to five years. We do not guarantee repairs made to fascias and shingle replacement. Here is why – new animals may attempt to chew the shingles and fascia. They will not be able to chew through our sheet metal repair, but they may be able to successfully chew through to the left or right of it, or target another area of your home altogether. No repellents are 100% reliable and unfortunately there are no guarantees against the forces of nature.

Can you repair the damage done to my home by animals or pests?

Yes, we can complete most repairs. We install sheet metal over points of entry to prevent any future infestations. We also install chimney caps, roof vents, weather stripping, screen louvered vents, replace wood shingles and install bird-proof covers over dryer and bathroom vents. Of course, this is only a sampling of what we may do – we will do whatever is neccessary within our means to repair the damage.

Will you inspect the attic also?

Absolutely, we will check for any wiring that may have been gnawed on by animals or damaged by pests. We will notify you of any other problems immediately after we discover them. (Please keep in mind that we do check for wire damage but are not electricians and do no electrical repairs)

Will you do an inspection of our home to find what and where the problem is?

Yes, we do a complete and thorough inspection of the exterior portion of the home. We may also check the home from the ground or roof if it is necessary. We will do whatever is needed to resolve your problem. If any other problem is found during this inspection, we will inform you of the situation and resolve the issue if requested. Examples would be bird entry points or any other animal infestation point.

Are you properly licensed to do Wildlife Control work?

Yes, we are licensed by the states that require them and comply with all municipal, state, and federal laws.

Do you have the proper insurance to protect our home or business?

Yes, we carry Workmen Compensation and General Liability insurance of $1 million.