Refund Policy

This page is designed to share the Catch-It refund policy. First, we’ll say this: we’re in the business of removing bats, animals, and pests from businesses and homes. We’ve been in business for over 30 years and have thousands of satisfied customers – we’re not lawyers. We do run a business, yet we try to use common sense and the golden rule in our business and personal lives – and you’ll probably see that reflected here.

Refund Policy

With businesses that sell products, if the customer is not happy with the product, the product can often be returned. Sometimes the refund is 100%, other times it might be a partial refund.

We provide services to our customers, primarily removing bats and other wildlife from businesses and homes, and also removing pests. It costs us time/effort/money to provide services, and there is not really a way for our customers to return products/services that we have provided.

This brings up the important question: what do we do with a dissatisfied customer? Do we refund them their payment?

These are issues we’ve had to work through over 30 years and this is what we do:

First, we provide quotes, upfront, for all the work we perform. This, in and of itself, helps to avoid much confusion and problems with charges.

Second, much of our pricing is performance-based. We often charge a fee for the initial site visit, inspection, or perhaps the installation of a trap – and will also quote a fee “per animal“. This type of performance-based pricing is something our customers appreciate.

We are very upfront and open about any type of guarantee. And, because we are handling wild animals, we are not always able to guarantee our work.

Here’s the key: communication. If you want a particular service guarantee, ask our tech. We will clearly communicate to you, and will even put it in writing, whether we are guaranteeing removal of an animal. We know what we can promise, and we live by our word.

Do you have a raccoon in your shed? We can guarantee the removal of that raccoon. Do you have bats in your attic that you want removed in 2 days? We can guarantee the removal of the bats – but we’ll have to evaluate your situation and how quickly we can be sure they are out. It might take a week to ensure the bats are out, and we may have to monitor the effectiveness of our remediation over time.

This is why communication is so important. Let us know what is important to you. Ask any and all questions that you have. We’ll answer those questions and provide an estimate to you for our services.


If you are dissatisfied with a service we have provided, we want to know about it. Please use the contact form below and let us know about your situation and what you are hoping for as an outcome. We are regular people who have been in business here in Kansas City for decades – one of the benefits of doing business with us is that we make the decisions in the business and are not owned by some national franchise that is dictating what we need to do. We haven’t grown this business and survived over 30 years by ignoring customer service problems or doing poor work. If there is a problem, we want to know about it in case there is something we need to make right.

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